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The mask has good rebound, strong sealing, no deformation, anti-aging, no fading, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance. The normal service life of the silicone mask is more than 1 year, which makes the use cost lower.



A simple checkout and a few clicks are all you need to purchase all your favorite products from the US and UK/EU and delivered straight to door here in the UAE.


Eklas Global

IKLAS GLOBAL is a Ready-made Garments Buying House and one of the leading garments Exporter & Supplier in Bangladesh. We provide quality garments to many internationally reputable buyers around the world.



Take a break from messing around with heavy coding and spend your time brainstorming ideas for your next project.



Satez is the first venture in Bangladesh dream to build a “Grameen E-commerce” to enhance and promote “E-agriculture” around the country. To combine technology and agriculture in one thread , will develop a vast supply chain through supermarket and online shop.



ARPC serves as a focal point for academicians, professionals, graduate and undergraduate students, fellows, and associates pursuing research throughout the world.Our mission is to create knowledge through research.



Watch Our College at a glance. ১৯৫৭ সালের ০১ জুলাই ‘দি উইমেন্স কলেজ বরিশাল’ নামে মহাবিদ্যালয়টি প্রতিষ্ঠিত হয়। ‘জ্ঞান শৃঙ্খলা -পবিত্রতা’র আর্দশ বাস্তবায়নের অভিপ্রায়ে স্থানীয় বিদ্বৎসমাজ ও তৎকালীন প্রশাসনের উচ্চপদস্থ কর্মকর্তাবৃন্দের সার্বিক সহায়তায় ১৯৫৭-৫৮ শিক্ষাবর্ষ থেকেই শুরু করা হয় এর শিক্ষাকার্যক্রম্।


Ant Food

A new bakery Food House Industry in dhaka. Which is lancing recently. We aim to home-produce as much as possible for the best quality, and to reduce food miles. Our delicious cakes, traditional Devon scones, breads, soups, sauces and accompaniments are produced in our own kitchens – and we use herbs from our gardens when… View Article


Regional Medical Center

The Medical Center founded as a private hospital in 2010, the Regional Medical intense has raised into a regional healthcare manner with a 50 bed acute care hospital and 10 elementary care and specialty care practices.


Project Design Sprint

A design sprint is a method used for solving problems. Where people do Mapping – Planing – Making and Testing Design Sprint is a five-day process for solving problems and testing new ideas.

Creative Design